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Preventing Infection level 2 Award (non accredited)

This qualification is aligned to the NHS Harrogate and District Foundation Trust’s ‘Preventing Infection Workbooks; Guidance for Health and Social Care and Guidance General Practices.

Developed by the NHS Community Infection Prevention and Control Team, the workbooks are specifically designed to assist Care Homes and General Practices to become compliant with the Health and Social Care Act 2008 and Care Quality Commission (CQC) registration.

As well as keeping infection control knowledge and skills of your staff up to date, the workbook will also help you demonstrate your organisational responsibility in delivering safe care to the CQC.

There are two delivery models for this course:

1. The learner answers written questions in the distance learning pack based on the guidance book which is assessed over a number contact session.

2. The learner attends a 1day course

The course is made up of theoretical sessions delivered by your Instructor who will provide a detailed course programme.

A range of subjects are covered including:

• Infection Prevention and Control
• Standard Precautions
• Personal Protective Equipment
• Sharps Management
• Blood and Bodily fluid spillages
• Waste Management
• Laundry
• Decontamination of Equipment
• Specimen Collection
• Urinary Catheter Car
• Viral Gastroenteritis/Norovirus, Clostridium Difficile, MRSA, MRGNB

This is achieved by the completing the distance learning pack or sessions culminating with a multiple-choice question paper at the end.

This qualification does not expire, but refresher training and keeping up to date with changes to policies and procedures is vital to keep the qualification current.

A maximum of 16 students are allowed and must be a minimum of 14 years of age and a certificate can be offered to all, subject to assessment.

We are able to deliver this course on your site, subject to a pre-course assessment of your premises, reducing your costs in respect of additional time out and travelling. For individual course places please see our Course Finder facility, or for group bookings, please contact us for an On-Site Training quote.